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Allston Apartment Rentals

Allston apartments are a great choice for both students and professionals in Boston. The town is situated very close to a number of Boston’s famous colleges and universities. You will find Harvard University in Lower Allston, Northeastern University in the East, Berklee College of Music towards the West and Boston College at a distance of 7-10 minutes. A wide range of apartment buildings and units in multi-story homes are available.

Allston’s busiest area is the intersection between Brighton, Harvard and Commonwealth Avenue. It is also home to most Allston apartments rented by students from different colleges around the town. Due to a large student population, Allston is also one of Boston’s most diverse neighborhoods and students belonging to Asia, South America and many other countries from around the world call Allston their home.

Students are not the only people who love Allston. To the north of the city, is the area popularly known as Lower Allston. Lower Allston has a distinctly different atmosphere from the rest of the town. Made up mostly of family residents, most of the area’s housing options consist of single and double story family homes. It is no wonder that Allston is a favorite for people of all ages. From quiet, friendly communities to lively bars and concerts, the town has everything you would need in a place you choose to call home.

The MBTA Green B Line and extensive bus lines run through Allston and can be used to travel to Boston, Brighton, Brookline, Harvard Square in Cambridge, Kenmore Square, Fenway or any of the nearby neighborhoods and colleges; Boston UniversityBoston College, Harvard School of Business; Harvard University. Marc Roos Realty specializes in Allston apartments for rent and sale. Browse our real estate listings and contact us for more details. We are waiting to assist you in your search!