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Brookline Apartments for Rent

Home to the New England Institute of Art, Brookline is a fine example of a town that has grown from a small hamlet into a fine harmonious blend of the suburban and the modern. Living in Brookline, you are never far from the Colleges of the Fen, the beauty of Mission Hill and the calming shores of the Charles River. Brookline is also a convenient location for those who work in the city of Boston but prefer the quieter living of a suburb a few minutes away from their workplace. Rated at a walkable score of 92 out of 100, Brookline apartments allow you the freedom of walking from your apartment complex to Brookline Village, the hub of all community events in the town. Here you will find shops, local produce, family-owned businesses and some of the best schools in the area.

Or you can catch the Green “T” line and head over to Coolidge Corner, where you will find the Coolidge Corner Theatre and indulge in a night of entertainment and fun. If you find a suitable Brookline property for sale, make sure you check it out. Brookline is a great place to raise a family with its suburban feel and close-knit community. House rentals in Brookline are more affordable than Boston city and the town offers a good amount of choices from studio apartments to family homes.

Brookline apartments are also a great choice for students due to the close proximity of Boston Conservatory, New England Institute of Art, Simmons College, Boston College, Boston University and Harvard Medical School. Kenmore Properties has a large number of listings for Brookline apartments for rent and for sale. Browse our real estate listings and contact us for more details. Our professional agents would love to help you find a great home in Brookline.